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বাংলার শিক্ষা SMS পোর্টাল :On February 26, 2019, The West Bengal School Department Launched A new web portal named Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal, otherwise known as the Banglar Shiksha School Management System portal. Through this portal, one can get information related to the academic details of any ongoing primary and high school students. Teachers will now be able to enter students’ marks as well as update their Aadhaar cards online using the school management system, a feature of banglar shiksha portal. To use this feature, you can visit sms, the official portal for Bangla Shiksha SMS Portal, and then log in to your account to do the rest.

Teachers have to follow a few more steps to log in Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal. Below we have discussed how you can enter student marks online by logging into Banglar Shiksha Portal, and how to create a website using Banglar Shiksha Portal 2024.

Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal 2024

Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal (বাংলার শিক্ষা পোর্টাল) Is A New Web Portal Launched By West Bengal School Department. In this online portal, teachers can store the academic data of more than 1.5 crore students. By using the Banglar Shiksha portal they can update students’ academic-related information such as uploading mark sheets, Marks Entry, etc. For this, each teacher has been given a unique Banglar shiksha portal id and password by the school administration department. Teachers can update all data by logging into the Www.Banglarsiksha.Gov.In Sms Portal. Apart from the portal, teachers can also do the same using the Banglar Shiksha Portal app.

Overview of Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal 2024 Login

Name Of PortalBanglar Shiksha School Management System (SMS) portal
(বাংলার শিক্ষা পোর্টাল)
Launched in26 February 2019
Initiated BySchool Education Department Govt. Of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
ObjectiveHelps to store data
To provide all the Teachers And Students information and Academic data
Classes Class 1 to 12
Banglar Shiksha Portal AppAvailable on both the web portal and Playstore
Name of Shiksha SMS Portal AppWBMDMS
total No. of Registered School95,000
Help Line Number18001023154
Contact Number03532582162

Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal 2024 Login Steps

  • Enter DISE Code
  • Enter User Name/ID
  • Enter Password
  • Enter Captcha
  • Hit Login Button

Steps for Banglar Sms Portal Teacher Login

Many of you may not understand how to log in to the Banglar Shiksha iOSMS portal. So we will now display to you how you can easily log into the Banglar Shiksha portal as a teacher.

Steps to follow:

  • Step 1: For E portal login First, visit this link www.School.Banglarshiksha.Gov.In.
  • Step 2: When the login screen opens, enter your specific school DISC code, username, and password.
  • Step 3: Now enter the captcha and click on sign in.
  • Step 4: For primary school login enter capital P before your username and for secondary school type capital S.
Banglar Shiksha SMS Portal teacher login 2023

Steps To Enter Marks in Banglar Shiksha SMS portal?

Many of you may be facing difficulties regarding Banglar Shiksha Portal Marks Entry Process. Becuase there are two ways to complete Marks Entry process on Banglar Shiksha portal, and we will walk you through each one. Below we have discussed in detail how you can enter marks in banglar shiksha sms portal.

Marks Entry Summative Evaluation

Steps to marks entry

  • Step 1-

    Go to BanglarShiksha SMS Portal,

  • Step 2-

    Now, login using udise id and Password.

  • Step 3-

    Click on the Summative Marks entry from the dashboard.

  • Step 4-

    Now fill in medium, class, section, subject, category, and academic year.

  • Step 5-

    After that click on the search bar.

  • Step 6-

    Enter how many marks a student has scored in a subject.

  • Step 7-

    Finally, click on submit button.

Marks Entry Formative Evaluation
  • First, visit the official website of Banglar shiksha (school Search) portal.
  • Click on SMS Portal.
  • Now select Login as Either School or Administrator.
  • Enter your DISC Code, Teacher Username, and Password then click on Sign In.
  • When the dashboard opens, click on Evaluation and select Formative.
  • Now fill in the following details,
    1. Medium
    2. Class
    3. Section
    4. Subject
    5. Terms
    6. Category
    7. Academic Year etc
  • Then click on the search option.
  • Now fill in the number of marks the student has scored in each subject.
  • Finally, click on submit button.

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How to download Model Activity Task on Banglar Shiksha portal?

Now we will discuss how to download the activity task from the Bangla Learner Portal. For those who want to download the class-wise activity task from the Bangla SMS portal, we have given a direct link below. Follow the steps below to find out how you can download the activity task from the official website.

Step 1Visit, portal.
Step 2When the home page opens, go to the Digital Corner option and select Student Corner.
Step 3Then select your preferred language.
Step 4A complete list of model tasks will appear on your screen.
Step 5Click on the activity task (2020/2021/2022) Link.
Step 6On the next page, you will see a list of class-based and topic-based model activity tasks.
Step 7Click on the download button next to the model activity task you want.

How to update ECA (Exam Copy Allocation)?

  • First of all, go to the Banglar Shiksha e portal.
  • Now select login as school option.
  • After that, enter your UDISE and password.
  • Enter the captcha and click on sign in button.
  • Now, under Evaluation, select the ECA option.
  • Now, fill in the academic year, medium, class, term category, etc.
  • Then press the Search button.
  • Now update the ECA Entry by Subjects.

How to Create a Website on sms portal?

Now we will know how to create a website on banglarshiksha portal. For this follow the below procedure,

  • First visit portal.
  • Click on Login to SMS.
  • Now log in with your UDISC code and password.
  • When the dashboard is open, click on the website content.
  • Now select the banner and click on add new, now enter a title, and subtitle, then upload an image. (The size of the picture should be between 300kb.)
  • Then click on submit.
  • Select the school logo option and click on Add New to upload the school image and then submit.
  • Select the Board Year option then Enter Academic Year, Board Name, and click on Add New, then Submit it.
  • Now select the overview option and type the school description and submit again.
  • Select the academic option, click on Add New, and submit with title, description, and uploading with an image.
  • Now edit the description then upload a photo in school athletic and campus options.
  • Then fill in the school timing, rules-regulations and contact us.
  • Finally, click Save and Submit or you can preview if you want.

Direct Link for Banglar Shiksha Sms Portal

Teacher LoginBanglar Shiksha Portal 2024 Login
Marks Entrybanglar shiksha sms Marks Entry
Activity TaskDownload
Banglar Shiksha Portal AppDownload from Play Store
FAQs related to Banglar Shiksha Sms Portal 2024
What is the process for Banglar Shiksha Portal 2024 login?

Visit Banglar Shiksha Sms Portal.
Select Login as Teacher.
Now enter the dISE code, username, and password.
Enter the captcha and click on submit.

how do you enter marks in banglar shiksha sms portal?

For this, you should log in to the official website,
Then select the Formative/Summative evaluation option which marks you wish to enter.
Upload marks according to the student’s name.

What is banglar shiksha udise login Id?

It is a unique ID assigned to each teacher that allows anyone to access the Bangla SMS portal.

What is the phone number of Banglar Shiksha Portal?

18001023154 and 03532-582162

How can I access Bangla SMS Portal?

You can access to your profile from website.

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